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Mooring Bollard Testing is vital for any ship docking in the UK. Our experienced team can help determine whether bollards are installed correctly before use keeping crew, the ship and passersby safe from potentially catastrophic incidents.

The mooring bollard refers to the bollard fixed on the deck or the pier to tie the cable. It is generally made through metal casting or welding. Because it is very stressed when used, the base is very firm. In order to prevent the cable from slipping, the bollard is generally covered with a bollard cap which is slightly larger than the pile.

There are various types of marine bollards, including curved dock, cruciform, double cruciform, double bitt mooring bollard, kidney-shaped, staghorn (also known as twin horn dock) and T head, all of which require specialist bollard services to ensure they are maintained correctly.

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Mooring Bollard

Mooring Bollard

A mooring bollard is designed with specific requirements in mind, not only to withstand the heavy loads being applied during a vessel mooring operation but with considerations that can and inevitable will reduce the operational life span of the mooring bollard.

Over the past several years, an increasing number of bollard failures have been identified, and as a result, a variety of test criteria has been proposed. Currently, the IMO is investigating and forming workgroups to offer a best-practice solution for Bollard inspection.

In considering the safe use of Mooring bollards, operators and port authorities should consider the vessel weight and size, Bollard load calculations, age of bollards, design of bollard and environmental conditions that could affect the bollard during its lifecycle.

A thorough examination and reports structure should be in place, and annual monitoring of the bollard should be a minimum requirement for the safety of the vessels and crew members both on the vessel and shore side.

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