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Greener Ports

Over the past several years vessel operators and global port authorities have had a watching brief to support the reduction in carbon emissions and marine pollution. It is fair to say that the general trend has been towards “fix it tomorrow” approach with good sound bits and publications acknowledging the issue and drawing up distance plans to address the marine and air pollution created by the Maritime sector.

Now with Global condemnation and a firm call to arm the IMO2020 guidance along with the UKs Greener Ports strategy “NET ZERO” calls for an active approach by Vessel operators and Port authorities.

By introducing a wide range of Bio based products into our portfolio from our sister company Lubitec, one of the primary BIO Only lubricant blenders and suppliers. With over 50 years of associated bio lubricant knowledge, Lubitec can offer a full and comprehensive range of Oils and Greases to support a healthy and sustainable marine environment amidst very hectic and demanding work within the UK Ports.

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Environmental Support

With acronyms such as VGP, CEFAS, ECOLABEL, BLUE ANGEL and many more such titles, it is difficult to navigate the seaways of available lubricants that are available in today’s market.

You should always ask three questions:

  • What Is the Biodegradability level?
  • What is the level of ECO-Toxicity?
  • Do they show any Bioaccumulation?

These must be taken into consideration and have valid test certification before you chose your supplier. Not all product that claim to be Bio Based meet the standards fully!

Fluid Visual Effect/Surface Sheen Mineral oils are known to produce a persistent and long lasting ‘sheen’ when spilt on to the surface of water. This is commonly known as the ‘rainbow effect’ or Newton’s Rings. Some biodegradable fluids differ in this aspect; saturated easter type fluids leave no visual effect on the surface and any initial film is rapidly dispersed.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, one litre of mineral lubricant pollutes 1,000,000 litres of seawater.

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