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Mooring Lines

Since 1992 mooring rope safety has been a significant part of the OCIMF guidelines within the UK. The OCIMF and working groups have strived to enhance the safety of all mooring operations with the introduction of several variations to mooring safety and industry acceptance to the guidelines whilst still returning to common practices for mooring of vessels.

These practices are shown in the MAIB reports and listed as accidents resulting in either injury or loss of life. Yet there is still a push back when new technology arrives, the push back is usually driven by the reticence to be first to adopt an attitude irrespective of the potential capability of the increase in safety the technology may bring.

Marine Accidents

  • 1,163 people killed and $197 million in insured losses in data supplied up to 2017
  • 40-50 % of serious marine accidents are due to mooring lines breaking or tightening unexpectedly
  • 1 in 4 mooring injuries result in leg amputation
  • 1 in 7 mooring injuries result in fatalities
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Moored cargo ship

Rope Tension Safety

“Sureline” remote rope tension sensor offers peace of mind real time monitoring. The sensors have the ability to monitor variable loads within the mooring line and transmit the data over an extended range to the Master Control Unit “MCU”. The use of Sureline remote rope monitoring system offers a step change in safety for vessel operators and crew alike. Sureline allows users the confidence to operate winches and tension ropes whilst monitoring the safe working loads of the ropes under strain.

Sureline is the only smart sensor that:

  • Provides unique help to comply with MEG4 guidelines
  • Delivers insights across all makes of mooring ropes and lines
  • Gives you real peace of mind for safe mooring : safer for both crew and vessels

Having chosen the right lines, the next step is to know the exact position of each line on board. A detailed log with positions on board should be followed. The OCIMF MEG4 requirements for a detailed Line Management Plan and the Mooring Equipment register are recommended.

The log should include:

  • Each line position on the vessel
  • A record of manufacturer's data for each line
  • Date of first installation on vessel
  • Hours under tension
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