Close up of lubricated steel wire ropes

High Pressure Lubricant

At OMS, we operate the most technically advanced steel wire rope pressure lubrication systems in the UK, ensuring the high pressure environmental lubricant is delivered using a technically advanced lubrication system which applies dressings directly to the wire rope and not pumped all over our clients' systems. Due to our systems design and the quality of the lubrication used fling off and over dress is eliminated.

Our pressure lubrication systems are designed to use less lubricant, therefore offering cost saving capabilities by removing waste generated through the chambers of the heads. We also provide a design function for permanent autonomous systems that overcomes the issues presented to our clients by eliminating man hours spent applying lubrication on wire ropes or any other systems.

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Large oiled steel rope drum

Wire Rope Dressing

Our lubricators are equipped with the most advanced lubricant in wire rope dressings. Our lubricants are fully bio-based, manufactured from sustainable sources, and Di Poler, which results in dressings holding lubricity for longer as the product does not split when used. Our applications can also include a service dressing that can be sprayed onto wire ropes to assist in service life longevity.

Benefits of Bio-Lubrication:

  • Increased lubricity
  • Core penetration
  • Durability
  • Reduced friction and wear between strands
  • Does not dry and flake or crack
  • Increased molecular length “reduces shrinkage of grease”
  • High water wash out “does not wash of wire rope easily “
  • Increased operating temperature -30c to +230c

If you have any questions regarding the lubricants we use for our rope maintenance, please complete the short form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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