men attaching steel rope to hook

Wire Rope Supply

OMS carries years of experience in wire rope supply, enabling us to support our client base throughout the UK to eliminate operational delays by providing fit for purpose, wire rope constructions for even the most demanding applications.

We have direct links to many manufacturers allowing us to provide products prepared in our specific service centres. This enables us to provide assemblies at short notice in the event of any failures or discard. We can carry client’s stock; this results in lowering money tied up in stock stored at clients’ locations. With OMS having direct access, problems will be met with full technical support from both OMS and the manufacturer to alleviate issues immediately if any operational issues arise.

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Oiled steel wire rope

Steel Wire Rope

OMS can offer comparable wire rope constructions to extend service life within some applications. All assemblies can be pressure lubricated before being processed and terminated to ensure that the steel wire rope performs well from the moment it is installed. A base trace can also be offered using our in-house testing capabilities, along with reports being issued with our certification.

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