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Magnetic Rope Testing

Having completed work in all sectors of the wire rope industry OMS has amassed a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to conduct a thorough wire rope inspection for our client base throughout the UK. We operate the latest equipment when it comes to wire rope examinations. Our technicians are trained in the art of completing visual assessments and are equipped to complete MRT (Magnetic Rope Testing) to identify those invisible defects deep within products in line with local assessment criteria’s.

OMS can manage annual change out policies by completing a conditional assessment once assemblies are removed from a system. If the assembly passed ISO 4309 2017 (or local assessment criteria’s), then the said wire rope can be pressure lubricated and stored on our premises until the next change out is required.

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Wire Rope Failure Analysis

All examinations can be conducted both in the field and in our service centres. A wire rope failure analysis is also available to ascertain the mode of deterioration; completed by one of our partners. This analysis includes destruction testing, which is required by law within certain sectors.

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